Bat Ella’s Tribute to the Legendary Debbie Friedman

A Salute from Israel: Bat Ella Tribute Concert to Debbie FriedmanSet against a majestic Tel Aviv sunset, Israeli soul singer Bat Ella presents a special tribute concert to the late Jewish-American singer-songwriter Debbie Friedman (1951-2011), who was among the most prolific and influential spiritual leaders in the world of Jewish music.The concert features some of Debbie’s greatest works including "Mi Shebeirach", "Miriam's Song" and "L'chi Lach" as well as songs from Bat Ella’s own repertoire inspired by Debbie. Bat Ella is accompanied on stage by thirty musicians, including the Arab-Israeli singer Hiba Bathish, the soloist in the Nazareth Arabic Orchestra; the “Sharonit Children’s Choir” from Raanana, who have previously performed for the Pope during his visit to Israel and Bat Ella’s touring band composed of some of the best musicians in Israel, including her son, singer-songwriter Nitzan Birnbaum.Bat Ella became acquainted with Debbie in the 1990’s in the United States, and had the opportunity to perform with her on tour in the States and in Europe.Debbie’s personality and work captured Bat Ella’s heart from their very first meeting in June 1994 at “Hava Nashira” – the annual song-leading and music workshop, at URJ-USRUI in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin. Debbie was - and still is - an inspiration and role model for Bat Ella on her musical and cultural journey around the world.After Debbie’s passing ten years ago, Bat Ella made it her mission to commemorate her legacy by bringing her music to Israel and making her work accessible to Hebrew speaking audiences. As part of this endeavor, Bat Ella released a solo album (“L'chi Lach”, 2015) dedicated to Debbie’s songs, performed in Hebrew for the first time.Bat Ella is dedicated to pursue the value of “Kiruv Levavot” (bringing souls together) and uses her music to bridge people of all religions, streams and ethnicities. Bat Ella said, “In commemorating Debbie Friedman, I strive to create and strengthen the bridge between Israel and World Jewry".

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